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Mail form/samples to:

Good Lab Practice Submission
Ms. Beverly Robinson
Histology Tech Services

Standard Research Submission
Dr. Anita R. Kiehl
FVP Consultants, Inc.
PO Box 67
Bushnell, FL 33513

Specimen Submissions

Olympus microscopeCytologic and Hematologic Samples should be submitted with labeled, unstained and/or stained slides in plastic or cardboard slide holders.

Bone Marrow Aspirates should be concentrated and submitted with at least six additional unstained preparations.

Biopsies should be submitted in an adequate amount of formalin. Small representative sections of necropsy tissue should be submitted with an effort to avoid redundant collection of specimens from any one tissue.

Whole Animals may be submitted in formalin. Abdominal integument and skull should be opened to allow formalin perfusion. 3:1 formalin tissue ratio should be maintained at all times. Please contact Histology Tech Services, Inc. 352-338-0045 prior to shipment of samples.

For more detailed submission instructions, click one of the following to download print outs of our shipping and submission instructions

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Shipping Instructions

GLP studies must be received with appropriate documentation or they will be returned to sender.

Please ship glass slides in padded, plastic or cardboard slide holders to the appropriate address. Please wrap boxes in bubble wrap or other shock-absorbing substance to prevent breakage.

For shipment of formalin products please follow directions found on the
FedEx dangerous goods website

Contact by phone or email prior to submission of any research project.

Please contact (352) 568-7923 or floridavetpath@aol.com for further information and to organize sample shipment.

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